What do my customers want?  This is the question that is top of mind for business owners and executives alike.  Customer needs, wants, and experience is being carefully explored across all industries with the outcomes driving significant changes to company product offerings and service design.  At AfterWords we understand that feedback is core to growing your business!  We have experience in helping specific industries identify ways to engage their customers and gain response on satisfaction levels.  This is only a sampling of the industries that we have experience in, call us today for a list of customer engagements and results.


The restaurant business depends on providing an experience.  The menu, the taste, the atmosphere, and the wait staff are all factors that contribute to the customer’s perception.  AfterWords integrates customer survey responses with POS data to give you a complete picture of the experience.  Do guest that dine in the bar report better experiences that ones that sit in the dining room? Do certain servers receive positive marks while others do not? Do some of the menu items evoke raving reviews while others leave guests disappointed?  With AfterWords you will know the answers to these questions and more.


The right real estate, the right inventory, the right training, and the right service can elevate a retail storefront beyond its peers.  Each one of these foundational items can have a profound effect on the customer's experience and their tendency to refer your store to their friends. AfterWords can help you understand the effect of store traffic on your service, customer satisfaction across departments, and pleasure with individual items purchased.  Let AfterWords help you to craft a customer experience like no other.


People travel for different reasons – business, family, and exploration. The one constant is that the journey leaves a lasting impression in a passenger’s mind. Making reservations, service on arrival, checking in, and the quality of the appointments can separate one journey from the others and take market share from the competition. Hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and other travel-related business using AfterWords can ensure that their guests have a voice with actionable results.